In todays busy and polluted world more and more people are searching for some inspirations in their roots and traditional ways of life to take care of themselves and the Mother Earth.


One of the rituals that we are making alive again at our homes is bread making. Gaja is inspired by traditional ceramic bread pots that people were using for bread making for thousands of years.
It has 3 modules – a bowl, strainer and a lid and all of them are useful during the whole bread making process – starting with dought making, throuh it’s growing, and ending in the hot oven.


As a response for needs of modern user, who is looking for mulfifuncional solutions, shapes of modules are designed to work together in a lot of different configurafions – all depends on user needs. It can be heater, lattern, salad bowl, cake plate and many more. This is what makes Gaja unique – it will never be useless.



Bachelor degree diploma, Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Faculty of Industrial Design

Supervisors: dr Piotr Hojda, dr Stanisław Półtorak 

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